understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Blessed Ones, from tonight I hope you call the Unlimited Legions of the Sword of the Blue Flame, the Unlimited Power of the Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning Purity, the Unlimited Presence of the Sacred Fire that can sweep over the Nation and compel evil to be driven back into its own cause, and forced into annihilation by the Sacred Fire that is forever its Master.

So from tonight, We will await your call. And I hope with every atom of my Being you will send every Call you can possibly make to draw into the physical lower atmosphere of Earth, into the physical structure of Earth itself, the Angelic Host’s Great Central Sun’s Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning Purity, the Violet Consuming Flame’s Mercy and Love that sets all life and substance and energy free from the filth imposed upon them by the hordes of the shadows. From tonight your Power can be unlimited. And I have a Feeling within Me, you won’t have to be coaxed to use It! (applause). Thank you so much.

We have depended upon you before, and you have not been found wanting. We are going to depend on you now, and you will not want for any good thing if you will use this Decree to handle the conditions within your Nation that are indescribable – and I will not even put them into your consciousness by a description. The need is very great. The Power is unlimited. The opportunity is yours, and Victory is assured as you join with Us and reveal the Mastery of Life over the conditions that have sought to desecrate anything and everything that is decent.

So, from tonight, please remember: We are your Friends for Eternity. We are All-Authority. Your Nation needs your Call, and there isn’t one in this room who will make the Call that can’t be answered almost instantly, in even outer physical conditions – as you remember We are near. We are Masters by the Use of the Sacred Fire. We are waiting an opportunity to use this Power in the physical octave, and We must protect that which is constructive within your borders.

So, call Our Legions of Cosmic Christ Immortal Protection in and around all that is constructive; and your willingness to protect everything else constructive within your Land, automatically draws to you the same Protection by the Sacred Fire from your “Presence”, from Us, and from the Great Central Sun. And the Limitless Legions of the Angels of the Sacred Fire have Power the world needs to see in Action, and must face and obey. And from this hour, with your Assistance and your Calls, so shall it be manifested in the physical octave until We have rendered Our Service, and the Purification takes place that does bring Freedom, and Peace to the Earth, for Eternity. Thank you with all My Heart.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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