understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Blessed Ones, you are not without Help. The Great Cosmic Law is opening one channel after another to bring unlimited Activities of the Sacred Fire into the physical octave – to do what mankind cannot do for itself. And so, this must come! The Cosmic Law demands It; and the evil mankind has generated must be consumed, one way or the other. And the more that is consumed this way, the less the physical disturbance will be. So I hope tonight that you realize the opportunity that you have to forbid what the hordes of evil intend against this Nation – to forbid the generation of any more destruction.

And as you make the Call, ask the Legions, the Limitless Legions of the Angels of the Flaming Sword, to move into the physical conditions of mankind’s daily life, and forbid evil in manifestation! Try Me out! I ask you to call the Angelic Host to come into these conditions and forbid the existence any longer of the beast of desecration.

I have been portrayed with the Sword of Blue Flame down through the ages. And there are Countless Legions of the Angels of the Flaming Sword, the Angels of Blue Lightning; and as certainly as They are called into the physical conditions to annihilate that which otherwise will annihilate constructive activities, there isn’t one Call that would be either delayed or refused to be answered. There isn’t one Call that wouldn’t be answered, and as quickly as possible.

So Beloved Ones, if you set to work with this, We’ll set to work with the Swords of Blue Flame from the Ascended Masters’ Octave. And just as certainly as you exist, will you see the Fulfillment of your Calls in Ways and Means that you are not even connected with. So, I assure you, It is the part of Wisdom. It’s the Master Control of the conditions that mankind has generated. It’s the Open Door to Freedom. And It’s the only Safety there is – to blaze throughout the Nation tonight that which will help everything constructive, and will leash the desecration intended.

And We want you to make the Call as soon as possible, because every hour counts. And that’s exactly why We’re here. It’s exactly why We have brought the Activity of the Angelic Host to your attention. It is why We are asking for your Calls, because the Cosmic Law demands that those who are unascended must draw – into the conditions of which they have been a part – the Cosmic Law’s Sacred Fire of Immortal Purity, and the Authority of the Angelic Host over mankind, and over mankind’s creation.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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