understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now you’ve been told that everything you send forth, sixty percent of it stays in you. Well, when you call for the Angels of the Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning Purity to move into a condition and purify it, and the Violet Consuming Flame’s Purifying Love to consume the consciousness that has generated discord, your “Beloved I AM Presence”, under the Action of the Cosmic Law, will draw the same amount into you, and half as much again.

So, you cannot give this Assistance to Life without being blessed as much as you give out, and half as much again. So Beloved Ones, after all, as you practice the Law of Forgiveness by calling the Angelic Host’s Blue Lightning Purifying Love into a condition, and the Violet Consuming Flame’s Purifying Forgiveness and Mercy, as you are willing to free the Earth from the discord generated by mankind, the Cosmic Law sets into Action the Sacred Fire’s Love and Mercy to make everything else easier for you. And that is the Service the Angelic Host stand ready to give.

When mankind cannot help itself, then the Angels of the Sacred Fire come to help the individuals be free from the discord that has been generated. And surely that is the Great Supreme Master Presence of the Eternal Perfection of the use of Life and the Sacred Fire. You can have just as much of this to come into you and free you as rapidly as possible, if you use It in conditions of the outer world to free your cities, your Nation or the government, or individuals or activities of the outer world from the conditions that are wrong that have been generated by mankind’s discord.

This is one of the most marvelous Ways and Means of healing, of Harmonizing, or Purifying, of Illumining, and of Balancing – not only your karmic debt to Life, but balancing the conditions of the outer world in which you move and with which you are connected. Beloved Ones, you have no idea the Blessings that will come to you if you set this into action from this night. (applause – audience rising). Thank you so much Precious Ones. Won’t you be seated please, and just remain so.

Now this has another Freeing Activity in Its effect upon you when individuals have deliberately wronged you, and you certainly don’t feel like forgiving them. And the feelings rarely do! The feeling of the outer self doesn’t want to forgive the situation but wants to go on and battle.

If you will, seize that desire to battle. Command Silence, not allow yourselves to say one word, but keep the Silence! And then make your Call for the Angelic Host to use the Great Central Sun’s Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning Purity and Violet Flame Forgiving Love and Mercy and do in the condition – take care of that which is an injury to you. Do you know what will happen? Almost without exception, before the situation is finished, there will come about conditions in which there will come restitution to you for the injury. So, It’s a Scepter of very Great Power. And I tell you, It is the Magic of the Sacred Fire to handle conditions that are discordant in this physical world as long as you remain here.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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