understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved of My Heart, I wish to bring you an Explanation of the Angelic Host tonight which I trust will remain with you forever, to render Its Service and give you the Assistance to expand your own Power of the Sacred Fire’s Love to cooperate with the Angelic Host as powerfully as possible. You must remember that the Authority of mankind’s embodiment in this world is controlled – and is entirely that of the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings, all of whom are the Angelic Host.

So regardless of mankind’s forgetfulness of the Source from whence human beings have come, there must come again into the consciousness of Life and the people of this world the full Conscious Awareness, Illumination, Comprehension, and Understanding of what the Angelic Host mean to Life, what They do in this world – and in all worlds – and what They do to control manifestation.

Since They are some of the beings who have created this world, whose life and Love sustain it, who control it, and who guard it, then the hour is at hand when mankind is going to be compelled to understand the Reality and the Presence of the Angelic Host, and the Service which their Life gives to the manifested Universe – in the manifested activities of this world – and everywhere in the Universe surrounding this System of Worlds.

The Cosmic Beings who are the Angelic Host to the Earth are not only magnificent beyond description, but wield Power which mankind’s comprehension at the present time cannot understand. When you know what it means to draw forth the Sacred Fire in concentrated Action of Supreme Love, to command to come into existence the Blessings and Powers of Nature that cover a planet, you must surely realize that those same Great Beings are not only the Guardians, but are the Governing Presence of the Life Streams that embody in this world.

The Legions of the Angels of the Purifying Sacred Fire who direct the Violet Consuming Flame to the Earth draw the Focus of Their Cosmic Action in and around the whole planet. And therefore, at any moment the atmosphere can be parted – the Flame rush into the physical octave and take Its Dominion. The Sacred Fire of the Purifying Love of the Angelic Host never did and never can and never will produce discord. So whatever Power is required to come into the physical octave to compel Purification, try to remember – no discord is ever directed by those Great Beings.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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