understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“While you are standing just a moment, I want to say one more thing. Call this into action, and establish this Sun Presence in every school in your Land, with the demand the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory puts an end to communist teaching and infiltration, and anything and everything that is of the hordes of evil that acts through those channels to try to ruin the younger generation. And you will find a change taking place that will bless everyone for Eternity. Thank you, and won’t you be seated.

One more thing: Demand that every human being on this Earth be compelled to be made aware of the Reality of the Angelic Host and forced to see an Angel of the Sacred Fire stand in Eternal Authority and Control and behold the Mastery of the Angelic Host’s Sacred Fire, over the evil everywhere that has enslaved the people of Earth. And you will find the Manifestations and the Miracles of Our Presence a very practical help in time of trouble! Give Us this opportunity and come forward with Us; and you shall have all the Manifestations you desire – of the Proof of Our Presence, the Reality of Our Power, and the Victory which We command made manifest to bless you, and through you become Eternal to the Earth.

So, I commend you to the Mightiest Victory of Eternity. And the Sacred Fire of the Angelic Host’s Assistance to Life can blaze forever Its Cosmic Activity of Illumination, and the Intelligence mankind requires to turn Godward, and put an end to the distress through which human beings have passed in this world. And let Us have the Victory for which you have called made manifest by the Sacred Fire of the Angelic Host as soon as possible, established in this world for Eternity. And thank you with all My Heart.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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