understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I have placed within this Nation, at certain spots, the Concentration of the Sacred Fire of Victory – Sacred Fire Mastery by the Angelic Host – of certain physical manifestations. In certain other places I have placed a Crystal Sword of Authority and Power and Control. And since that was done by My Authority and Control, I took the responsibility. I shall see It is fulfilled and carried through to Its completion.

These things have been done within the borders of this Nation! More can be done if you will send forth the Call for the Cosmic Law’s Release of all the Dispensations that permit this to come into the physical conditions of this Land, into the government and the activity of the people, to take the power out of the clutches of the hordes of evil that have woven themselves into the activities of the people, and tried to bring the people under their destructive control.

Now if you care to take this up, and ask for the establishment of the Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning Annihilation everywhere within the borders that communism has tried to control the people and carry on its devilish activities, We know where that is! We know where it is far more than the people do. And if you demand this – demand the Cosmic Dispensation that establishes for Eternity within your borders, the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings’ Sacred Fire Presence everywhere communism tries to influence the people, you will find they will run into considerable opposition, and their sustaining power will soon be withdrawn. And this needs to be done wherever possible within your Land, in your business, and every activity of the people.       

Now, one more thing. If you will also call this Cosmic Sun Presence of the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory, your Victory is assured before you start – of the Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning Annihilation of all intended violence against the people within your borders. We know where that is planned. We know the weaklings that can be used to impose that violence. And therefore, when you make the Call, We take the responsibility of establishing those Activities of the Sacred Fire in the localities where these things are planned, and where the sinister force thinks it’s going to bring forth the destruction that makes the people slaves to the communistic regime.”   

Beloved Archangel Michael

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