Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 355

“Unless you know your Authority of Victory, unless you give that Victory your Acknowledgment in the use of the Great Creative Word “I AM”, then Victory could not manifest for you. …No matter what the appearance seems to be, put the Cosmic Flame of My Victory in its place, and compel the annihilation of that which seems not to be Victory.

Since you have had the Power all through the centuries to take the energy from your Presence, your “I AM Presence”, and the Ascended Masters, who gave It to you qualified with Perfection to begin with; and, since by your Free Will and your authority to qualify the energy of your Life Stream with whatever you chose, you changed that quality – or rather clothed it over with the discord that you acknowledged, which you felt in your feeling world. As surely as you did that in the past, do you have the power to reverse every condition which seems to be of human distress this hour.

No matter what the appearance seems to be, in the Authority of your own “Mighty I AM Presence”, command that appearance to be compelled to burst forth a Cosmic Flame of My Cosmic Victory; and so shall It be in manifestation to you.

The winning of the Victory of Light is not child’s play, by any means, but it means that everything which is brought to your attention, if it be not the Perfection and the Victory of Light, you should command it and compel it to become so! That takes Dynamic Energy! That takes Cosmic Authority! That takes Infinite Patience, the Ascended Masters’ Love, and the Activity of the Fire Element from the Great Central Sun in Concentrated Action, to reverse the Momentum of centuries of requalification of the energy of Life with discord.

Just as human conditions and qualities are but the result of habits of the constant flare of irritation, discord, criticism, or condemnation again, again, and again, through the spoken word, thought, or feeling, which built the limitations of today – just so you can reverse the currents of energy; just so can you change the manifestations of the outer world, and compel the Cosmic Victory to be where human creation seems to be!

It means again and again and again to take the Authority of your Life Stream and use the Power of the Great Creative Word to command, and dare to do, that which compels the reversal of all human qualities in all conditions you contact.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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