understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When people don’t care what happens to somebody else, the individual might just as well say he or she does not care what happens to himself or herself. With the Angelic Host ready to give every Assistance to purify the outer self, hold the Harmony and expand Perfection, there is no excuse for the human not reaching up and cooperating with that which only wants to give Perfection and Help and Happiness to the Universe. The Angels of Music pour the most Magnificent Happiness-Sound that is so Beautiful, so Transcendent, you couldn’t help but feel the Happiness within It! The Angels that create Supply know only Happiness and Constructive Activity, and They are offering Supply all the time to unascended beings.

And so these Blessings are Infinite. They are Present! They are Eternal! They are wonderful beyond words to explain, and I bring Them to you tonight for your acceptance by your Conscious Command. And the Revealing Sun Presence of the Fiery Truth and Reality of the Great Angelic Host is Power to make mankind understand the Master Presence of the Universe that has come to put an end to human creation. Legions Uncountable are ready to come to your Assistance, and We want to take away everything that is a struggle in your Life Streams. Therefore, Our Freedom and Our Security is yours whenever you recognize Our Presence with you, the nearness of Our Sacred Fire Power, and the Invincible Victory which We bring – because We never bring anything else.

The Victory of the Angelic Host must come; and now mankind must awaken and stand with Us until that Victory is manifested in the Fullness of Its Cosmic Action, to control the Earth and all upon it. May Our Sacred Fire Presence abide with you, make you feel Our Power every moment in outer action. Call Our Legions to assist you, and We will not be found wanting! I commend you to your Victory!”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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