understanding the “i am”…that is you

“We cannot give you anything that would not produce Harmony for you, even though you asked Us to pour through you what the Nation needs most. Sometimes that might be through your Decrees. Sometimes it might be through your Music. Sometimes it might be just through your Radiation to those among whom you move, or to the place where you go from time to time.

The Way and means that the Angelic Host pour Help, God’s Help, to the people of this world – Our Ways and Means are Infinite and All-Powerful. And if you care to build a momentum of this just quietly within yourself, as an acceptance of all the Power of the Sacred Fire that the Angelic Host knows you require in outer physical conditions – give Us the Opening; and We will release the Sacred Fire of Our Love. Make the Call to your “Beloved I AM Presence” and the Great Central Sun’s Cosmic Law and Cosmic Concentration of the Fiery Truth about the Angelic Host – to be compelled into mankind’s consciousness until individuals awaken to the acceptance of Our Reality.

Through your “I AM” COME Pageant, We will pour every possible Assistance to those who become aware of the Angelic Host, as the attention is held upon those in the cast. From the Inner Level, the Great Cosmic Law of Life never ceases pouring forth Infinite Ways and Means of bringing the greater Perfection and Manifestations of the Universe into the lesser, always with that Revealing Consciousness that is the Intelligence and Fiery Truth that is Self-evident within Life.

Therefore the Angelic Host, as you call forth Their Fiery Intelligence within yourselves, will explain within you what Our Service is, and what We can give you – first in your feeling, then in the intellect. Your Call will go forth by Conscious Command, which is an Intellectual Determination. But the Awareness of Our Presence will be felt within your feeling world before your intellect makes the decision as to how to send forth the Command.

And if the world only knew enough to put the Heart Flame first in Adoration to the “Mighty I AM Presence”, and then to the Angelic Host before any physical thing was planned or brought into existence, you would find the Ascended Masters’ Perfection manifesting through individuals who would do that.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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