Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 349

“I want to give you this afternoon the Assistance you require in not only governing the qualities in your own energy, but in the energy of others and in the atmosphere about you, from this standpoint.

You have not yet realized it, although several of Us recently have mentioned this fact, that the control of the majority of the feelings of an individual through the control of the energy – whether it be harmonious or otherwise – is held at the solar plexus. The majority of the energy of the physical body is located in the central portion where the food is digested. Since the mass accumulation of the energy is located there, that is the place to hold control. That is what the sinister force does when you become irritated. It strikes right at the stomach, because when you are irritated, that is where the ugly feeling comes forth and where you feel disturbed.

I am offering you a way and means of holding control of the energy in your own world and showing you how the “Mighty I AM Presence”, or the Ascended Host, can hold control of the energy in the central part of the body of someone else, through the Luminous Presence standing behind the individual with the Arms about the Solar Plexus of that one.

If you will build a Momentum of this, I think you will see many, many, many miracles and marvels take place, to your great relief and enjoyment. After all, the control of the energy either in yourself or in the atmosphere about you, is the Mastery of Life. If you cannot control it, you cannot have Mastery! If you want your Mastery, you must control it!

If you control your own and you are doing pretty well, and someone in the outer who has quite an accumulation around the central portion of the body, suddenly becomes discordant and that energy dashes toward you, you should learn to control that also. Try to help the other person control it, by calling the “Mighty I AM Presence”, the Higher Mental Body, and the Ascended Masters – I would call all three if I were you – to put Their Arms around the individual, hold control of that energy, and see that it is not allowed to act against the Perfection of Life.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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