understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There will always be one or more of the Angelic Host in attendance upon that which is constructive until it becomes a thing manifested to fulfill the Divine Plan. And it is the Way and Means the Cosmic Law has established to create that which is constructive, sustain it, expand it, protect it, and let it act to glorify the Universe with Its Almighty Love and ever-expanding Perfection.

The Way and Means by which that Perfection is manifested is the Service and the Action and the Love and the Gift of the Angelic Host. So, when you see a magnificent civilization built, you will never know until you are Ascended how limitless are the Legions of the Angelic Host that were the Inspiring Ideas and Love and Beauty that enabled that civilization to come into existence. Don’t think for one moment, Beloved Ones, that the Magnificent Blessings of a civilization are just the intellectual handiwork of mankind. That’s ridiculous! Everything that is of greater Good is lowered into this Octave by the Assistance of the Angelic Host. So it’s just about time mankind is awakened and compelled to realize the Great Beings that have assisted Life in this world throughout the ages past, and are here now to help dissolve and consume some of mankind’s frightful generation of evil.

What do you think the Healing Angels do? There isn’t a Focus of healing Power anywhere in existence, that at the Inner Level there is not some one or more of the Healing Angels that pour the Sacred Fire of Their Love, the Streams of Their Life Energy, Their Purifying Power of the Sacred Fire to bring about that healing. Over every hospital there are Groups of the Healing Angels. And therefore, when mankind’s sincere Call goes to God for help, that Help is given by the Angelic Host.

I could talk indefinitely upon the Activities of the Angelic Host; and We hope, with this Messenger’s cooperation, We may reveal some of this in your Pageants and the Productions that are to come. We hope to bring the Illumination to the rest of the world that is certainly needed. It is time the Door was opened by Conscious Understanding of the Law, that the Help might come, and some love and gratitude rise from mankind to those Great Legions who have assisted throughout the centuries the embodiments of those in this world.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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