understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The more you can ask – or charge yourselves with the Ascended Masters’ Illumining Consciousness of all that the Angelic Host means to Life – the more the outer intellect would become aware of the Service of the Angelic Host. And your Love to the Angelic Host would automatically draw Them to you. They are Beings of Love alone. They never use any other force. It is the Sacred Fire; and if you want Victory over the manifestations of this world, you’re going to have to use the Sacred Fire Love of the Angelic Host in order to manifest that Victory.

So, They are quite necessary for your Freedom, for the Protection of all that is constructive, for the Creation of all that is constructive, and for the Management of manifestation. You didn’t know you had some Partners, did you, in the invisible? And They are not so invisible! Excuse Me for saying this, but They are only invisible because mankind wears blinders, (laughter), that’s all. They are visible to the other realms of Life. They are visible to each other.

And so, We would appreciate this Call – if you will make the demand upon the Cosmic Law that all mankind is forced to know of, understand, feel, see, and experience the Reality of the Ascended Host – whether individuals want to or not. You demand the Cosmic Law’s Action of that, and there can come many surprises in this world the sinister force never thought about. And We might be some of them – not only might be, We will be!

Now another Service that the Angelic Host renders: where there has been a focus of great destruction over – perhaps centuries in certain localities, there’s always a Guard set up around those who are honest, sincere, and try to hold to the constructive way of Life, to either keep those people out of that destructive vortex; or if the individual is caught in it, the Angelic Host give the protection to keep that which is constructive from being completely annihilated by the vortex of destructive activity of former creation.

Now you know I am represented a good deal of the time with a Sword of Blue Flame. The Legions of the Angels of the Sword of Blue Flame – to the destructive forces of mankind’s creation – the Angelic Host are terrific in the Power of the Sacred Fire which They wield and the Manifestations which They draw into outer conditions when it is necessary to consume evil.

But when you see what the Love of the Angelic Host can do in transmuting conditions of distress into the Perfection and Joy of Eternity, your love for the Angelic Host will grow in leaps and bounds. And I want to bring to your attention tonight the fact that They many times accompany you, protect you, and bring to you things that bless you that you think just come through ordinary physical channels. Many, many, many Gifts are the Love and the Blessing of the Angelic Host that come to help mankind in everything that is constructive.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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