understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So Blessed Ones, in all the marvelous blessings and advance of modern civilization, the outer, mechanical activity has become so rapid that it is swallowing mankind’s attention until it is keeping out of balance the activities of the individual. And We must correct that. The Great Cosmic Law does not permit the individual’s growth to be interfered with by the mass production of anything.

The individual has a right to grow! The individual has a right to expand the Light within each Life Stream, and not all the political accumulation on the Earth can take the Cosmic Law out of existence. Mankind but create more confusion, and then being bound by that, must have Our Assistance to be free to try again. So, in freeing yourselves from your own problems, We hope you will call into all physical conditions in and around yourselves wherever you abide – a Cosmic Sun Presence of the Power Flame of the Ascended Masters’ and Angelic Host’s Control of Life.

I’m coming to a Secret of tremendous Power. When you call for the Ascended Masters’ and Angelic Host’s Control of Life, you have no hypnotic force in use. You have no dictatorship; you have no tyrants; you have no traitors. And the world will welcome the release from them all!

When you call the Ascended Masters’ Power Flame, the Angelic Host’s Power Flame into outer physical conditions to control life – all life – then Our Love purifies and frees, illumines, and raises all life wherever that Power flows; and the shadows of human limitation are consumed forever. This is why I am pleading with you tonight to use the Power Flame of the Ascended Masters’ and Angelic Host’s Control of Life by that Great Miracle Love from the Central Sun that is all Freedom.

Blessed Ones, the Door stands wide open before you. the Hands of the Angelic Host are stretched to offer you Their Blessings, and to guide you forward into the most wondrous experiences you’ve ever known; and there lies only Happiness and Freedom ahead if you will do this with us from tonight. And I am sure your own experiences, as you just try this out a little bit, will thrill you with such Joy that it will hold your attention – will set the habit; and you will go forward to the Victorious Accomplishment you have always desired. And ahead of you lies only the Sunshine Presence of Our World, Our Happiness – Our Mastery of Life.

And it all depends on the Power Flame of the Love from the Heart of Creation, and the use of that Sacred Fire Love in physical conditions; for It purifies all and frees all and gives all for Eternity. May We abide with you; and wherever you go, be aware of Our Presence, that you and We may rescue weary mankind from the slaughter and the filth, and the destruction intended. This is what We want to avoid. And with your Love to Us and Our Love to you, you call this Power into action – and We will accomplish the Victory.

And We thank you for your presence with Us. May the Fullness of all that Love can bestow teach you of Itself, be your Illumination, stand your Guard, and give you the Strength and the Power to produce this Victory that lifts your fellowman out of the clutches of the evil of human creation. May you go forward and know We are closer to you than We’ve ever been before. And this time, may you keep aware of Us, that your power may grow greater every hour from tonight. Thank you with all My Heart.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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