understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now as We move into outer conditions certain Activities of the Sacred Fire to reorder some of mankind’s experiences, We want you to be at Peace. You keep demanding your Invincible Purity to hold control of everything in you and your world; and wherever you can, bring encouragement to the people of the outer world. The masses of the people are struggling under confusion as well as discord that is almost more than they can bear. So, you are a magnet. You are like the Great Central Sun Magnet wherever you go – to pull upon the attention of the people and give them the encouragement and the Picture of the Power that draws them out of their distress and shows them the Goal of Attainment.

And all the people who have professed to follow Beloved Jesus and completely forget the Ascension – they did not get much of His Message. And except for the Love which he constantly pours to answer every Call, they would still be in the chains of the Dark Ages. Now We have come to bring the Light. Mankind must awaken; human beings must be purified; the Powers of Nature must be released from mankind’s discord. And so We depend upon you. And if you’re going to correct conditions here, you’re going to need Power to correct them.

So, when you have to handle conditions of the outer world that are discordant, call forth your Invincible protection first around your outer self and your affairs. And then call the Power Flame of any Ascended Master Quality, the Sun Presence – a Cosmic Sun Presence, and that means a Sun Presence that enfolds the world – a Cosmic Sun Presence of the Power Flame of Ascended Master Control. When you call that into a condition, you make the Call, and your “Presence” and We project the Flame; and you go on your way.

So, wherever you go, you can call that into outer world conditions, and set into action the constant Purifying, Raising Power to Life wherever you abide. And if you begin to purify and set into Divine Order the conditions around you as you pass through them, automatically you call in and around yourselves a World of that same Perfection. You cannot give Perfection without having Perfection come back to you. So, the Angelic Host are awaiting your use and Call of Their Power Flame, Their Revealing Power Flame that not only reveals to you what you need to know but reveals Their Presence to Life, everywhere.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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