understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of My Heart, let Us intensify again tonight the acceptance and the Call and the Victory of the Sacred Fire of the Angelic Host. I am keeping My Word tonight, when I promised to return to you if you did your part of what was required. So, My Presence with you tonight is an Acknowledgment of your effort. Thank you for it. (applause – audience rising). Thank you so much, Precious Ones. Won’t you be seated please.

There is something I wish to explain to you as We move into outer conditions more of the Power of the Angelic Host, so that you will see more often the results of your Calls, your acceptance, and the use of the Sacred Fire they direct. Now this is why the Power of the Angelic Host can be intensified around you in a certain Cosmic Action that will bless you and all mankind.

In the consciousness of the mass of the people of the world, there is within that life a certain acceptance of the Angelic Host because there is a race consciousness among the people of the world, that when someone is given Protection in some crisis, and the individual comes out all right, almost without exception, someone says, “Well, your Guardian Angel was taking good care of you! Do you not know how often that is used in the outer world? Well, that is an innate knowing within the Life of the people that the Angelic Host are the Guardians of mankind in their experiences of this world.

And so when you commence to recognize a Sun Presence of the Guarding Power of the Great Angelic Host, you do not have the resistance, as you accept that, that you might on many things that the outer world has not yet established as a habit of acceptance. And so We would appreciate it greatly, as you call forth the Sacred Fire of the Protection of the Angelic Host – the Angelic Host’s Protection by the Sacred Fire – that is at all times at hand, because in the atmosphere in which you move there is a certain action of the Fire Element that the Angelic Host produce; and no unascended being can interfere with that.

So, as you go forward, try to feel the assurance, the absolute certainty, when you accept the Protecting Flame from the Angelic Host, that It is ever about you and ready to flash on an instant around you in any set of circumstances. And It can always flash quicker than any destructive force can act.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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