Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 335

“When you wish to call forth any particular Quality from these Great Individualized Centers of Cosmic Action of the Light and the Sacred Fire, you have but to place your attention upon Them, giving your adoration to your “I AM Presence”; and your Call to It and to Them will start into action, by the very energy you send forth, the Power of Victory for which you call. Your very love, gratitude, and Call through your attention to your “I AM Presence” and to Them, automatically is the first wave of energy as it goes forth, which strikes into that Greater Wave of Power and begins Its return Currents to you in whatever Magnitude is required to fulfill your Calls.

Those Great Cosmic Manifestations of Light, Power, and Victory in this Universe, are drawn within this System of Worlds and at certain points on the Earth’s surface for this exact purpose of assisting you. When I have come from that Glorious Planet of beauty and Happiness, and I am abiding within the atmosphere of Earth – as are these other Great Beings who are assisting in the cleansing of the Earth at this time – then you must know the Cosmic Law has sent Us to your assistance because it has demanded the end of that which has destroyed God’s Gifts to mankind so long, the end of that which has dared to oppose itself to the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan of all Creation.

Puny mankind! Puny human beings who pit their little human, discordant desires against the Cosmic Infinite Plan of all the Perfection of the Great Scheme of Creation! Surely, they are in darkness indeed. That quality in the feeling world of mankind must be removed; and it can and shall be removed by Manifestations which none can explain, and yet are of a Power to which all must bow! There must come these Manifestations of Light which compel mankind to witness the Cosmic Actions of Light, of Intelligence, and of the Sacred Fire – before which they know they must bow!

The human feelings have been arrogant so long, that when it comes to the final adjustment of the plans and conditions of this Planet, the Powers of Light have to be released with such terrific Cosmic Action and Intensity as to almost threaten the annihilation of the human outer identity, before that human stubbornness will give way and obey that which it knows is its Master, its Source, and the Superior Power of Infinity forever!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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