understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I assure you, if you remember enough to demand everything in your beings and worlds be sealed now in the World of the Sacred Fire Love of the Angelic Host, you’ll find It has a very definite effect upon your health, because you can absorb that Sacred Fire Love; and It heals all things; It supplies all things. And you will find much Assistance coming to you that will almost offer Itself to you with scarcely any effort on your own part, except your daily charging of the World of the Sacred Fire of the Angelic Host – to be your World of Experience every day, your World of Control, your World of Blessing, to give without limit to all Life everywhere. And this is the expanding action and closer cooperation between the Angelic Host and mankind to which We have referred many times, since this “I AM” Activity came forth.

So Beloved Ones, from tonight, if you will love to live in My World of the Sacred Fire’s Love and Control of all things, you will find My Love in your world controlling your conditions. Then you, in turn, can use that around your loved ones and all to whom you wish to give help; and Love will go forth and consume the hatred that has created the shadows.

You become then Legions of Protection to all that is constructive. And Our Sacred Fire comes to Earth and reveals Its Mastery everywhere you draw It into outer action, until mankind becomes aware of Its Almighty Dominion, and understands It is the Cosmic Law in Action that controls all Systems of Worlds. Therefore, It will control your world, your individual world, and the world in which you abide.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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