understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Dear Ones, when you see people throughout your Nation that are trying to hold to what is right, don’t just feel sorry for them and hope that maybe God will protect them. Call Legions of the Angelic Host and Invincible Power of the Sacred Fire to hold Protection about them so they render their service for the Nation and attain their Victory. It’s your privilege! You have the knowledge! The Power has been given to you, but you must use It for all as well as yourselves.

So whenever you see constructive activities, constructive people trying to accomplish something worthwhile, just as a natural habit, make your Call for Legions of the Angelic Host to blaze all the Protection and all the Blessings of the Sacred Fire in and around those individuals and their constructive activities to fulfill the Great Divine Plan for the perfection of all.

When it becomes necessary to shock mankind awake by certain conditions in the outer world, there must always be those who stand guard until the awakening takes place, and the removal of the hordes of evil moves into outer action to complete the final cleansing of the Earth. And I assure you, in all that is coming ahead of you, the Angelic Host have a very powerful, important part, and would love to have your Calls as much as possible. (applause – audience rising). Thank you Precious Ones. Won’t you be seated please, and just remain so.

Why do you suppose I am here tonight? Because when you called for the Great Central Sun’s Legions of the Sacred Fire Victory to come and fulfill your Calls, or render the Service that consumes hatred, I have a very important part to play in that. So, I am your partner. I am the Partner of your Beloved Master Jesus. I am the Partner of your Blessed Master Saint Germain and the Beloved Godfre; and if you don’t mind, I hope you will always remember Me as your Partner in everything you do! (applause). Thank you so much, Precious Ones.

You know, since I am the Senior Partner, you should yield to Me! (laughter and applause). Thank you, Precious Ones. You see, I have already passed the way of Earth – long centuries ago. I have been through the experiences of physical embodiment, but I didn’t choose to be in distress. So, since I have kept out of it and have the desire to help you out of it, then My Senior Experience, which is Cosmic Power of the Sacred Fire that I have accumulated and drawn through the centuries, is now placed at your service to fulfill the Great Divine Plan. But I must have your request. And the Pathway on which the Help comes is the ever-expanding Love that draws back to you, all that Love can give from the Greater Octaves of Life’s experience.

Blessed Ones, if you will use the Sacred Fire of Our Love – to send It forth into the shadows of the rest of the world, the sunshine may break in many places that will surprise all. And We are hoping to bring that as powerfully and as quickly as possible. And We can only bring It through those who want It, through those who call for It, through those who will use It. So We will come and knock at your door rather frequently in the immediate future, for We are needed very greatly in the outer world tonight. (applause). Thank you, Blessed Ones.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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