isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter iii (religious sects)

“The Nazireate sect existed long before the laws of Moses, and originated among people most inimical to the “chosen” ones of Israel, viz., the people of Galilee, the ancient olla-podrida of idolatrous nations, where was built Nazara, the present Nazareth. It is in Nazara that the ancient Nazoria or Nazireates held their “Mysteries of Life” or “assemblies”, as the word now stands in the translation, which were but the secret mysteries of initiation, utterly distinct in their practical form from the popular Mysteries which were held at Byblus in honor of Adonis.

While the true initiates of the ostracized Galilee were worshipping the true God and enjoying transcendent visions, what were the “chosen” ones about? Ezekiel tells it to us, (chapter 8), when, in describing what he saw, he says that the form of a hand took him by lock of his head and transported him from Chaldea unto Jerusalem. “And there stood seventy men of the senators of the house of Israel. ‘Son of man, hast thou seen what the ancients…do in the dark?'”, inquires the “Lord”. “At the door of the house of the Lord…behold there sat women weeping for Tammuz”, (Adonis).

We really cannot suppose that the Pagans have ever surpassed the “chosen” people in certain shameful abominations of which their own prophets accuse them so profusely. To admit this truth, one hardly needs even to be a Hebrew scholar; let him read the Bible in English and meditate over the language of the “holy” prophets.

This accounts for the hatred of the later Nazarenes for the orthodox Jews – followers of the exoteric Mosaic Law – who are ever taunted by this sect with being the worshippers of Iurbo-Adunai, or Lord Bacchus. Passing under the disguise of Adoni-Iachoh, (original text, Isaiah lxi.1), Iahoh and Lord Sabaoth, the Baal-Adonis, or Bacchus, worshipped in the groves and public sods or Mysteries, under the polishing hand of Ezra becomes finally the later-voweled Adonai of the Massorah – the One and Supreme God of the Christians!

“Thou shalt not worship the Sun who is named Adunai”, says the Codex of the Nazarenes; whose name is also Kadush and El-El. This Adunai will elect to himself a nation and congregate in crowds, (his worship will be exoteric…Jerusalem will become the refuge and city of the Abortive, who shall perfect themselves, (circumcise), with a sword…and shall adore Adunai.””

H. P. Blavatsky

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