Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 332

“I come this morning to give you the Feeling of the Cosmic Victory which you must outpicture in America! I shall stand by your sides! Give Me your Call and not one shall remain unanswered, but We need all the Acknowledgment possible by the people in the physical octave, of the Victory of Light which they really want; and not the acceptance through fear, that the destructive forces are going to get their own way in America. 

The currents of the sinister force are being thrown back into its midst; and they shall strike its heart center, and it shall be removed from the Earth – but We need your Calls for your Victory of the Light, which is the Power that compels destructive forces back into their own cause.

I wonder if you know what it means when I said I had not known anything but Victory for Hundreds of Thousands of Centuries of Victory. Don’t you realize then, when I come to charge you with that Feeling and Momentum of Mine – which has gathered throughout centuries of activity – do you not realize that is a Cosmic Pressure greater than all the sinister force of the World?

Give your Acknowledgment of My Victory in everything you do. Take your stand that you won’t have anything to do with anything except that My Victory is in all that you do. Charge My Cosmic Feeling of Victory into every bit of substance you contact! Call the Light of My Victory into everything you do! Feel My Luminous Presence! Feel My Cosmic Flame! Feel the Power of My Voice And BE the Manifestation of My Cosmic Momentum of that Victory for which you call! Whenever you see the word “Victory” printed in the outer world, be sure to follow that with, “of the Light”.

Of course, there is no real Victory of destructive forces, but they think there is, and when you requalify that with Light, then wherever it stands another blaze of Light can go forth; for the Victory of Light is the only Victory there is in all Creation. All else must someday fail, but the Light lives on for Eternity! Only the Light contains Intelligence with which to act that can produce Perfection. Only the Light can overcome that which has opposed the Divine Plan and Its Fulfillment through mankind! Only the Light is Victory!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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