understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of the Sacred Fire, I wish to bring you Assistance tonight – and encouragement that will forever abide with you. And I wish to assure you that We are far closer in association with you than you sometimes feel or understand. I wish you to know at all times the Angelic Host are ever watching every opportunity to come as close to you all as possible. And the attention that you give to the Angelic Host, and the Calls that you give are the action that opens to you in outer world conditions.

When you understand that the entire Angelic Host draw the Sacred Fire of Cosmic Love everywhere They abide – no matter what has to be corrected, the Sacred Fire of Cosmic Christ Love is that which They always pour forth to change conditions into that whichever glorifies the “Mighty I AM Presence” and protects all that is constructive.

Now in the accomplishment of purifying the Earth and releasing mankind from the hordes of evil of the centuries, the Angelic Host, I assure you, will perform a very definite part of the purifying and freeing of all in this world. And that is why mankind must understand the Reality of the Angelic Host, and must accept the closeness of Their Presence and Their constant answering of the calls of weary mankind.

The Love and Mercy which the “Mighty I AM Presence” pours forth to Life is brought into outer physical conditions and individuals, by the Angelic Host; for They must always guard any Focus of the Sacred Fire or the Cosmic Light Rays – within which constantly flows the concentrated Electronic Force from Heights of Perfection that must come into outer physical conditions to purify and perfect them.

So the more you can be aware of the Angelic Host, the more you call to Them, the more you love Them, the more you accept Them, the closer They will come to you; the greater will flow Their Sacred Fire into your affairs, and the greater Protection They can bring to you at all times. And in the midst of the outer world’s chaos, Legions of the Angelic Host clothed in White Fire – or any colored Flame from the Central Sun – can appear at any moment; and They can control conditions in the atmosphere or through the Powers of Nature. So there are far more Powerful Friends than any of mankind yet understand.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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