Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 331

“We want to release through you and throughout America, an Increasing Action of the Cosmic Light which will close in upon frightfully destructive conditions around some individuals, and make them thoroughly aware that they have failed, because very vicious threats have been made by the communists about certain things they are going to do, if America does not sell out wholesale to them. Well, America is not going to sell out wholesale. We have determined that! We offer that to the Mighty Saint Germain for the Freedom of America over communism forever, then the Expansion of America’s Light until the Earth itself is freed forever from that which is no part of the Divine Plan.

In acknowledging your Victory of the Light in America, be sure you consciously remember South America and Central America, as well as North America, because We want to bring an intensified acknowledgment of the Victory, Authority, and Power of Light throughout the Americas, and to root out that which already has struck its fangs and claws into the Argentine. The sinister force has vowed to throw the whole World into destruction, and its viciousness against the last surviving part of the planet is perhaps more vicious than all which has been pitted against the rest of the World in the centuries past.

So I warn you today, don’t let down on your Calls for the Protection of the three Americas; and use your Drive and Bind Decree to drive and bind all that is of war or communism back into the brains and bodies of those who own the munition plants of the World! Drive and bind forces of all munitions back into the brains and bodies of those who have imposed this war upon mankind!

There are many of those caught in channels of the outer world who are making munitions, yet they don’t want to make them at all. We do not reference to them; they were but caught in the mass onrush of that Stream of Energy. They were just part of it and did not know how to extricate themselves or protect themselves against it; but if you will drive and bind the intended chaos and destruction intended for America, back into the brains and bodies of those who want to continue this war longer, you will find the recoil in the next three months very much more rapid than in the last nine months! 

The Cosmic Light is coming in with increasing intensity. Keep calling that Substance of the Cosmic Light to close in upon every threat against America and dissolve it before it can act. ” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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