understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So these, may I say, Friends of Mine – My Family of the Angelic Host – are ever ready to assist you, Beloved Ones, that your accomplishment from day to day may bring you only Victory. And in each new effort you make, you call them into Action – first of all to hold Protection about your every effort that is constructive. You will soon move out of the strain and the struggle and the problems in which you have been enmeshed.

So this will help your health. It will bring you supply. It will hold you protected. It will give you every Assistance to the accomplishment of everything that lifts your fellowman and Life everywhere, into the Fullness of that Peace and Love of the Sacred Fire that is the Power to give all the Ascension. So if you choose to call for the Angels of the Sacred Fire whose Love will always make you Victorious – so long as you love your “Presence” first and command Its Victory to come into Action – your Help can be without limit; and your Victory will forever expand.

So I clothe you tonight in My Love that will help to draw these Blessed Beings nearer to you, that you may feel Their Presence more frequently. And in that Feeling will They be able to release the Greater Power for you to hold command. May They come without limit, and give you every Blessing that takes you forward to Victory, to Freedom, and to the Fullness of your Ascension in the Joy that is the Great Divine Plan’s Desire for you.

May the Fullness of all the Blessings the Angelic Host can give flood forth to you tonight; and may you make Them your daily Companions, and feel that your Friends have come to assist you to Freedom. Thank you, with all My Heart.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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