understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You need to live in the World of the Angels, because it’s more comfortable within Their Sacred Fire and Their Love, than it is in the hatred of mankind in the outer world. So if you want to live in the world of Peace and Comfort, I assure you, the Angelic Host can easily draw in and around you the Sacred Fire that is Their World of Manifestation, Their World of Love, Their World of Power, and Victory. Now if it’s Healing you require, it’s certainly more comfortable to be harmonious in the atmosphere of the Angelic Host than it is in the atmosphere of many conditions in the world.

Precious Ones, regardless of how long it takes or how much effort it takes to purify conditions in this Nation and the world, it’s got to be done. You certainly don’t want destructive conditions to get any worse; and if you are going to keep them from getting worse, you are going to have to cover them over with Cosmic Sacred Fire. And if you are going to get rid of them completely, there must come more Cosmic Sacred Fire until they are dissolved from manifestation forever.

Mankind unascended cannot solve their problems. And so those of you who understand how to call to the Angels of the Sacred Fire to come everywhere that Sacred Fire is needed and establish It as the Controlling Power in this world, then many changes will take place that people cannot understand; but they will be a powerful Protection and Assistance to those who are trying to do right.

The Angels of the Sacred Fire should be called into mankind’s daily activities to hold Command and to compel Protection and the Victory of what is right – by that Sacred Fire. Don’t be afraid to call Them – Legions of the Angels of the Sacred Fire – to come everywhere that Sacred Fire is needed; and God knows, It’s needed everywhere in the world! There is no place on this Earth where It cannot be a greater Blessing.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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