isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter iii (religious sects)

“KING – Let us from point to point this story know.” All’s Well That Ends Well – Act 5, Scene 3.

“He is the One, self-proceeding; and from Him all things proceed. And in them He Himself exerts His activity; no mortal BEHOLDS HIM, but He beholds all!” (Orphic Hymn).

“And Athens, O Athena, is thy own! Great Goddess, hear! And on my darkened mind pour thy pure light in measure unconfined; that sacred light, O all proceeding Queen, which beams eternal from thy face serene. My soul, while wand’ring on the earth, inspire with thy own blessed and impulsive fire!” (Proclus; Taylor: Minerva).

“Now faith is the substance of things. By faith, the harlot Rahab perished not with them that believed not, when she had received the spies in peace.” (Hebrews 11:1, 31).

“What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man hath faith, and have not works? Can faith save him? Likewise, also was not Rahab the harlot justified by works, when she had received the messengers, and had sent them out another way?” (James 2: 14, 25).

Clement describes Basilides, the Gnostic, as “a philosopher devoted to the contemplation of divine things.” This very appropriate expression may be applied to many of the founders of the more important sects which later were all engulfed in one – that stupendous compound of unintelligible dogmas enforced by Irenaeus, Tertullian, and others, which is now termed Christianity. If these must be called heresies, then early Christianity itself must be included in the number.

Basilides and Valentinus preceded Irenaeus and Tertullian; and the two latter Fathers had less facts than the two former Gnostics to show that their heresy was plausible. Neither divine right nor truth brought about the triumphs of their Christianity; fate alone was propitious.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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