understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When the Angelic Host ever stand ready to transmute your world into Our Perfection, We will need your Call. The Cosmic Law requires your Desire to be aroused, that your Desire for Our Perfection may be the upreaching of Life that draws Our Perfection back to you. So, if you will desire Us more intensely, We will abide with you in greater Victory, for you.

And I wonder just how much you want to live in the Realm of the Angelic Host! (applause – audience rising). Thank you, Precious Ones. I am grateful for that response, because It makes me know that your Hearts’ Call to Us, will enable Our Hearts’ Victory to come and make you victorious over this world. Thank you, and won’t you be seated, please.

Now as the Sacred Fire and Its Boundless Blessing enfold you and go into your affairs to perfect them and make your world more magnificent, the Beings that will come to fill your world will be more magnificent also. So, if you will consider yourselves Children of the Realm of the Angels, I trust someday, not too far distant, We can thin the atmosphere of Earth and let you behold those who have loved you, blessed you, and helped you along the Pathway thus far.

And then We’ll show you what yet remains to be done, until the rest of mankind are compelled to see the Angelic Host in Action with the Sacred Fire, as the Transmutation and Raising Purification of the outer world goes on to the Fulfillment of the Great Divine Plan. So, whether the rest of the world understands you or believes in the Angelic Host, or not, is none of Our concern.

If I were you, I would be wholly indifferent as to anyone’s belief or acceptance of these Great Beings of Life’s Perfection. Live your own Life! Go your own way! Stay on the Pathway that leads to greater Happiness; and the Angelic Host will ever attend you until your happiness becomes Infinite, Invincible, and Eternal. And you then, in turn, will – looking back to mankind – seek also to awaken them until they, too, enter the Realm of Eternal Perfection.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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