understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Dear Ones, if it were not for the Blessings which the Angels and Angel Devas of Healing give to mankind in the healing channels of the world, where do you think the healing would be? Anything that is real, true Assistance to mankind in channels of healing, is drawn and protected and directed by those of the Angelic Host who are the Healing Angels, and the Great Angel Devas who direct Them.

Over every hospital there is anchored a being of the Angelic Host who draws the Power of the Sacred Fire of Healing Love and anchors It there for all who can accept. Therefore, when the Calls of mankind go forth for help, in most cases, the Help comes. And if it does not, it is because the Great Divine Plan is operating in a way to teach the individual Obedience to the Cosmic Law.

Now since Limitless Legions of the Angelic Host come under My Direction, whenever an accomplishment is desired to be brought forth in the physical world to render greater service in fulfilling the Divine Plan, there is always established the Guardianship of the Angelic Host and the Sacred Fire of Their Love – to hold Protection until the accomplishment is completed, and then still further, to protect if that Blessing is to be maintained through long periods of time.

When unusual Power is drawn into outer physical conditions to render certain Assistance to mankind, that Power is guarded always by the Angelic Host. And that is why, when the Mighty Saint Germain first drew the Ray into their home – the home of the Messengers in Chicago – the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple prepared the condition and has guarded ever since. Now you may just as well have that same Assistance if you will give It recognition, accept It, love It, be grateful for It, and serve It.

I am bringing this Knowledge to you tonight because your city here, since it is called the “City of the Angels”, I assure you, it is not by accident. This was long ago a Focus for the Angelic Host in Their Service of the centuries past. During the time of Atlantis, there was a Temple to the Angels located on the ground that is now your city of Los Angeles, and it seems to Me the mass of the people ought to know something more about the Angels. It would enable them to behave more like Angels too.

The more you associate with the Angelic Host, the more you love Them and want to become like Them; and the more you love Them, the more They can do for you. The more you keep your attention upon Them, the more you would draw Their Perfection into the physical world.

So, since you who are blessed by living here understand something of these Great Divine Beings who are certain Authority in this locality, if you will call the Authority of the Angelic Host to come into physical conditions in this city and force the Purification of this whole locality – that mankind may be compelled to see the Angelic Host face to face – I am quite sure you would see some Manifestations here that might even get into the newspapers. (applause). Thank you so much Precious Ones.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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