understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If the Earth is taking its Initiation in Love – which it is – while hate has run rampant, then if there were only a handful of people calling the Immortal Law’s Victorious Authority, Power, and Action of the Great Love of the Angelic Host into the physical octave to blaze Its Sacred Fire everywhere, whoever would do that would automatically be disconnected from the destruction of the outer world. You might stand amidst the wreck of worlds – if that were possible – and with your attention to your “Beloved I AM Presence” and acknowledging and demanding that the Victory of Its Immortal Love come into you and possess you and make you all of Itself, you would stand untouched by that which mankind has created of discord.

The Great Beings of the Angelic Host who come under My Direction have, century upon century, poured Their Flame of Love into the holocaust of hate; and Their Love is that which today holds the Earth in its orbit. And if it is a strong enough Flame to keep and entire world on its axis and circling its own orbit, do you not think It’s great enough to run your world? The world is a physical thing; and if It keeps the world in its orbit, It controls physical action then, doesn’t It?

You might call It magnetic force. You may label It anything you please from the electronic standpoint, but in the ultimate, It is the Flame of Our Love from the Great Central Sun that governs all energy’s action harmoniously. And it will govern all the energy in your world harmoniously and compel it to yield Perfection to you – so long as you make yourselves the Law of Its Victorious Action in the physical world.

Unless this Flame is drawn into the business world, you do not have Protection for constructive activity; for I tell you, all Protection for that which is constructive has to be the Flame of Our Love. And that is why the Angelic Host are Co-workers with the Seven Mighty Elohim – who are known as the Seven Builders of this System of Worlds. The Angelic Host are Their Co-workers; and without the Flame of Love from the Legions of Angels who govern constructive activity on this Earth, you would not have an Earth; you would not have a humanity; you would not have existence here.

Since that Love in the Great Central Sun is great enough to give you existence here, do you not think It’s great enough to run your affairs successfully? If it can run a whole planet around its orbit, surely It could run you around your world successfully, (laughter). Don’t you think so? You don’t know Love.

You don’t know what’s within It. You haven’t the slightest concept or you’d use It all the time, and not a human being on the Earth could ever persuade you to do otherwise.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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