Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 319

“This doubt, unbelief, and falsehood of mankind, I tell you, shall cease! Beloved Ones, remember – It is the only way mankind can have their Freedom. Mankind have got to be honest with each other, honest with Life – and stop their everlasting doubt, criticism, and condemnation of that which they do not understand! We are really the Guardians of mankind; so I warn you from this day henceforth, do not let anybody go forth and say that I am not what I say I am! This thing is going down in mankind! It has got to do it, for them to be spared!

Let Me tell you something, you Blessed Ones who are here – I leave you free to believe this or not: There are three million people in America today who know of this “I AM” Activity; and out of that three million, two million five hundred thousand know It is Real. Now then, what does one human opinion amount to – in comparison to the great volume of Intelligence which is acting upon this Earth! They know It is True and are making their Calls to Life to render this Service, in the silence of their own homes and offices.

You would be surprised, Blessed People, to understand and see your great businessmen in America who have been listening to these Class Broadcasts and the Transcriptions; and once they touch It, continue to see, and remain to admire. This man I told you of, who was listening to the Transcriptions, is only one of the influential men and women of America. So do not be ashamed to come to the classes of the Messengers. One day, you would seek throughout the Earth to get there!

Remember these Messengers, as one has told you, have battled with the unbelief of mankind, and have taken their scathing, false condemnation for the last time! Remember, My Dear People, that We shall be the Guardians of the future. They shall not be subject to any more of it! Therefore, as they go forward – and you who are so loyal and wonderful, remember your love, your gratitude become the Almighty Guarding Presence of your Beloved Messengers – who give their all, and ask nothing for themselves. Remember what friends you have!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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