understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“This greater closeness with the Angelic Host is absolutely imperative at this time if you are to receive greater Help – and enable you to do quickly that which is necessary in the outer. Therefore, if you call the Power of the Angelic Host into Victorious Action in the physical octave, then you will have the Flame – the Eternal Flame of Cosmic Christ Love – filling your beings and worlds, and becoming for you the Authority and Power that makes it impossible for destructive forces to connect with you, to interrupt that which you wish to accomplish in bringing forth Perfection.

You see, all these Greater Powers of Life’s Perfection of which We have been speaking are already in existence – in Action – in Our Great Octave of Life and in all the Cosmic Realms of Creation. And in order for that Power to come into your outer direction and control destructive condition here, that you might have Protection, it is imperative to set that Law into action in your world. It is your octave that needs the Action of Our Cosmic Law. We do not need the action of your law – Heaven knows! We don’t want it. But you need the Action, mark you, of Our Law in your physical affairs.

Therefore, if you will demand the Cosmic Law’s Action of the Angelic Host’s Victorious Presence in your physical affairs, it means that They come and draw the Flame that compels that which is not the Victory of Their Love to be consumed. Their Flame is All-Authority over everything in all Creation. From the highest to the lowest, Their Flame is Master.

And when you begin the Acknowledgment of “‘I AM’ the Law of the Great Angelic Host’s Victorious Mastery in the physical world”, then there will move in and around and before you, those Blessed Beings whose Love is forever all Power required in the use of the Sacred Fire to govern everything.

Perhaps I am a little partial to the Angelic Host. It’s not surprising if I am; but naturally, I have been one of Their Directors for a long while. And I say to you, there isn’t anything in this world you require so much as your continual Acknowledgment of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, and the Law and the Power and the Victory of the Angelic Host in your business affairs.

Now isn’t that the eighth wonder of the world! (laughter). It will be, when It comes! (applause – audience rising). Thank you Precious Ones. Won’t you be seated please.

Beloved Archangel Michael

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