Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 313

“In the Qualities which We are, and which you need so much in the human octave, the Speed and Power of Achievement is beyond description. Now, you can achieve in one year, what otherwise might take you forty? Isn’t it worthwhile? Just think of it! We could have said to mankind, “Well, you got yourselves in this condition; now you climb out the best you can.” What do you think occurred in the early days, when mankind was taking certain initiations, et cetera, to gain the Victory and Mastery of the human self?

The Law of Life did not permit someone to come along, as We are doing to you, and say, “Here, ladies and gentlemen, We stand ready to give you the Assistance which will hasten your Victory from one to forty or fifty years.” Oh no! They had to find from within themselves the Power of Victory! That is why so few won the Victory of Life! We have the records, of course, of all who in each century won the Victory of Life – the Victory over self; and it is amazing how small was the number. Now today, the Victory in numbers will be so stupendous in comparison even with the past century.

Do you see all that this means? It is the step-up of every condition of the energy of the Earth and the atmosphere, of mankind and all conditions; and through that step-up and intensification, there will come the Purification, release, and dissolving of all humanly discordant substance in the Earth.

For instance, just take one of you who was wholly firm and determined. Suppose you stood in the middle of the audience, and you are wholly firm and determined in the understanding and acceptance of your “I AM Presence”. Then you call that forth to spread Its Radiance throughout the room. Everyone in that room would be lifted according to the intensity of that Radiance. Therefore, you see your own responsibility to your fellowman.

My Dear Ones, once you see what you can do in that one thing alone, it will be a Purification and Blessing of the “Presence” in time to come, which will be transcended beyond words.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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