understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There have been plenty of Divine Blessings placed in this world to help mankind gain the Ascension. But since We are interested in you, and I was interested in Beloved Saint Germain’s Mighty Effort to purify the Earth and bring forth this Cosmic Illumination and Fiery Christ Truth of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, then I am Still interested in helping you to be cut free from, and insulated from the discord that otherwise brings failure, problems, distress, and limitation. So, if you care to remember that My Love and My Sacred Fire has enfolded His Mighty Work, I can enfold yours, too. (applause). Thank you so much.

There’s one more thing. It is a known fact in some channels – not all – that jade, what you call physical jade in the substance and structure of this Earth, does not take on the discordant radiation of any human being or condition of discord in this world. It’s Eternally Pure. Some substance takes on the radiation of mankind’s discord, and some other substance does not. Gold is Eternally Pure, and Jade is Eternally Pure. Therefore, It is a Protection within certain conditions that keeps the discord and destruction away from that which is being accomplished, or being built, to produce the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan.

So, there are many things that will be a blessing to you as you learn them, and then begin to use them to help the Great Cosmic Scheme of Creation build and build and build the Perfection that the Divine Plan intends for life, that It may only create Happiness. Did you know the Divine Plan is only to create Happiness? So, when people want Happiness, why don’t they turn to the Source of Happiness?

This world hasn’t given It. And what the majority of people call happiness is temporary sensation – has nothing whatsoever to do with Eternal Happiness. Eternal Happiness is not just temporary sensation. Eternal Happiness is a Magnificent Mastery of Life that is the Controller of all substance, all energy, and all consciousness anywhere in Infinite Space, that always produces Perfection – and always through that Perfection, gives Happiness to some other part of Life. And truly, that is the Divine Plan, and certainly, It should be fulfilled.

Blessed Ones, I, too, have a Mantle, a Miracle Mantle of Love’s Happiness! And if you should by any chance care to wear It or experiment with It, I can show you some very delightful things that just as certainly as you exist will bless you for Eternity, because the Eternal Purity of the Jade Temple, it seems to Me, is needed very much in this world this hour.

So Blessed Ones, My Miracle Mantle of Love’s Mastery is, I assure you, a very Powerful, Wonderful Blessing, and is a very practical Way and means of protecting you and that which you wish to accomplish. So, I offer It to you to help the Beloved Saint Germain in the gigantic task He has accepted of purifying this Earth, and all upon It. Only the Ascended Host and Cosmic Beings have any comprehension of what that means. But you can help Him, and when you begin to see that take place and mankind’s human creation be consumed, your Joy will know no bounds and will know no end.

I offer you the Happiness of Eternity, the Magnificent, Invincible Mastery of Life, and the Victorious, Joyous Use of everything – substance, energy, consciousness, manifestation – everything in existence, to build that Perfection which is Eternal and forever expanding.

So, I leave you to the enjoyment of understanding this Law, using It, and making yourselves a channel by which Its Great Perfection can come to the rest of Life as well as to you. And your Happiness in making others happy will forever be expanding and Invincible. I commend you to your Freedom. Thank you with all My Heart.”

Beloved Angel Deva Of The Jade Temple

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