understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want you to feel tonight that there is the Enfolding, Blazing Sacred Fire Protection of Our Love that will always guard you – if you’ll call It into action and guard anything constructive that you want to do. This is part of Our Service to Life. It is Our Way of protecting what is constructive so It can become Eternal. 

Therefore, in the opportunities that lie ahead of you to help design the Incoming Golden Age, you will be very privileged, and I am sure very happy, to draw forth from the Ascended Masters’ Octave, the things that We know this world is going to need in order to give mankind the opportunity to understand and use the Master Powers of Life, and produce what is to be a Blessing here for Eternity. And in the right use of all Activities of the Sacred Fire, the Cosmic Light Substance and the Energy of this Universe – by the right Consciousness, you automatically raise yourselves into the Greater Perfection that one day is your Ascension.

The same thing must take place for the Earth. There must come the Purity into the physical structure of earth and into the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements that forever manifests the Beauty and the Perfection and the Joy of the Love of the Sacred Fire, to raise the Earth and all upon it into Our Octave of Perfection, wherein the Ever-expanding Glory and Happiness of every bit of Love of the Sacred Fire Goes on and gives Itself to the Universe around you to forever expand your Happiness.

People in the world seek Happiness, and it’s here today and gone tomorrow, or gone the next second, because they know naught where it is. They know naught how to create it. They do not know what Ascended Master Happiness is. So, if you come to the time when you want Happiness, remember, if it is to be sustained, if it is to be Eternal, it must begin with some Activity of the Sacred Fire Love from the Ascended Masters’ Octave.

Now your “Beloved I AM Presence” would be the Builder through you, but your “Beloved I AM Presence”, in Its Release through you of Its Own Life, is guarded by the Seven Mighty Elohim of Creation, guarded by the Sevenfold Flame in your forehead, guarded by the Love from the Ascended Masters’ Octave that is your Protecting Presence, until you can create that which is constructive and fulfills the Great Divine Plan.”

Beloved Angel Deva Of The Jade Temple

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