isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter ii (sorcery)

“For the purpose of comparison, we have not even availed ourselves of the ritual of ceremonial magic of the Christian kabalists of the middle ages, wherein the language modeled upon a belief in the divinity of Christ is, with the exception of a stray expression here and there, identical with the Catholic Ritual. The latter, however, makes one improvement, for the originality of which the Church should be allowed all credit.

Certainly, nothing so fantastical could be found in a ritual of magic. “Give place”, apostrophizing the “Demon”, it says, “give place to Jesus Christ…thou filthy, stinking, and ferocious beast…dost thou rebel? Listen and tremble, Satan; enemy of the faith, enemy of the human race, introducer of death…root of all evil, promoter of vice, soul of envy, origin of avarice, cause of discord, prince of homicide, whom God curses; author of incest and sacrilege, inventor of all obscenity, professor of the most detestable actions, and Grand Master of Heretics (!!) (Doctor Haereticorum)! What! …dost thou still stand? Dost dare to resist, and thou knowest that Christ, our Lord, is coming? Give place to Jesus Christ, give place to the Holy Ghost, which, by His blessed Apostle Peter, has flung thee down before the public, in the person of Simon the Magician, (te manifeste stravit in Simone mago).

After such a shower of abuse, no devil having the slightest feeling of self-respect could remain in such company; unless, indeed, he should chance to be an Italian Liberal, or King Victor Emmanuel himself both of whom, thanks to Pius IX, have become anathema-proof.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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