Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 307

“Beloved Ones, as you stand guard over the simple activities, they become majestically all-powerful in their action. That is why these things are built and built in your world. It is why I have given you these Statements, because you have built momentum to this point where these constant dynamic Calls will release more than hours and hours of Application did, even a year ago. You will find you will soon come into an activity where you just make a few dynamic Calls – I mean so far as your individual activity is concerned – then you go about your business. You come back to your Application again and make a few more dynamic Decrees, and you will be amazed at the astonishing results which will come.

Now you see how the letters to which We have referred, give you the evidence of how in so many instances, individuals had sought the best attorneys, and they had sought all outer aid to no avail; but when they put that all down, and turned to the “I AM” Presence of Life, called it into action, and those Mighty Light Rays went forth, the change took place in the feeling world of the individual, and the results followed. Outer activities so often set up resistance – resentment and determination not to do the thing – while the Power of Light goes forth and acts in the feeling world of the individual and creates the desire for Divine Justice and Divine Order. You see how much more powerful it is?

We have seen so many who had been so disappointed, and then turned to the “Mighty I AM Presence” and have had such Magnificent Results; showing that after all, the Power of the Presence of Life is Supreme when once mankind gives back to It, the Full Power which belongs to It. By turning away from the outer things, then will individuals have the Full Power of Action and gain the Release into the Almighty, Glorious Victory.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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