isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter ii (sorcery)

“The following are translated from the Kabalistic Ritual, and that, generally known as the Roman Ritual. The latter was promulgated in 1851 and 1852, under the sanction of Cardinal Engelbert, Archbishop of Malines, and of the Archbishop of Paris. Speaking of it, the demonologist des Mousseaux says: “It is the ritual of Paul V, revised by the most learned of modern Popes, by the contemporary of Voltaire, Benedict XIV.”

Kabalistic, (Jewish and Pagan) – Exorcism of Salt: The Priest-Magician blessed the Salt, and says: “Creature of Salt, in thee may remain the WISDOM, (of God); and may it preserve from all corruption our minds and bodies. Through Hochmael, (God of wisdom), and the power of Ruach Hochmael, (Spirit of the Holy Ghost), may the spirits of matter, (bad spirits), before it recede. Amen.”

Roman Catholic – Exorcism of Salt: The Priest blesses the Salt and says: “Creature of Salt, I exorcise thee in the name of the living God…become the health of the soul and of the body! Everywhere thou art thrown may the unclean spirit – be put to flight. Amen.”

Kabalistic, (Jewish and Pagan) – Exorcism of Water, (and Ashes): “Creature of the Water, I exorcise thee…by the three names which are Netsah, Hod, and Jerod, (kabalistic trinity), in the beginning and in the end, by Alpha and Omega, which are in the Spirit Azoth, (Holy Ghost, or the ‘Universal Soul’), I exorcise and adjure thee. Wandering eagle, may the Lord command thee by the wings of the bull and his flaming sword.” (The cherub placed at the east gate of Eden).

Roman Catholic – Exorcism of Water: “Creature of the water, in the name of the Almighty God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost…be exorcised. I adjure thee in the name of the Lamb… (the magician says bull or ox – per alas Tauri), of the Lamb that trod upon the basilisk and the aspic, and who crushes under his foot the lion and the dragon.”

Kabalistic, (Jewish and Pagan) – Exorcism of an Elemental Spirit: “Serpent, in the name of the Tetragrammaton, the Lord; He commands thee, by the angel and the lion. “Angel of darkness, obey, and run away with this holy, (exorcised), water. Eagle in chains, obey this sign, and retreat before the breath. Moving serpent, crawl at my feet, or be tortured by this sacred fire, and evaporate before this holy incense. Let water return to water, (the elemental spirit of water); let the fire burn, and the air circulate; let the earth return to earth by the virtue of the Pentagram, which is the Morning Star, and in the name of the tetragrammaton, which is traced in the centre of the Cross of Light. Amen.”

Roman Catholic – Exorcism of the Devil: “…………O Lord, let him who carries along with him the terror, flee, struck in his turn by terror and defeated. O thou, who art the Ancient Serpent…tremble before the hand of him who, having triumphed of the tortures of hell (?), devictis gemitibus inferni, recalled the souls to light. The more whilst thou decay, the more terrible will be thy torture…by Him who reigns over the living and the dead…and who will judge the century by fire, saeculum per ignem, etcetera. In the name of the father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

It is unnecessary to try the patience of the reader any longer, although we might multiply examples. It must not be forgotten that we have quoted from the latest revision of the Ritual, that of 1851-2. If we were to go back to the former one, we would find a far more striking identity, not merely of phraseology, but of ceremonial form.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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