Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 306

“I tell you, Dear Ones, as you become more and more certain, more and more aware in your feeling that these Qualities We are talking about are no imagination, then you will begin to realize that steadily and surely, We are lifting you daily into God’s Glorious Final Victory of Life! I rejoice with you so much in your ability to accept these Blessings which are offered, for they are much greater than the Words sound. In your acceptance of them, it allows Us to continue to pour to you any requirement which may be needed, and so that Mighty Activity goes on and on. Remember, it will never cease, Beloved Ones, as long as you continue to give your attention to the “I AM” Presence of Life. It can never cease!

When you touched this Stream of Life, you have started the Mightiest Action in the Universe into action in your individual world, in your bodies. Accept the Absolute Invincible Power of Health! Say, “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, charge me with Your Perfect Health and sustain It!” Just silently make that Call.

Something else is brought to My Attention. Do you quite realize you sometimes should make a Call for a specific quality? As you generally call, “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, release Your Mighty Currents of Energy”, that is a marvelous general activity; but suppose there has been disturbance in your body, distress, or something of that kind occurring to your outer activities, you would naturally need to qualify your call with a Mighty Healing Current – because you have been taught to believe that whatever relieves pain is Healing Power!

By using the Power of Qualification, “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, charge me with Your Perfect Health”, it means you replace all disturbing conditions in the body with the Power and Energy of the “I AM Presence”, which is wholly sustained Perfect Health. This is a magnificent thing! Then, as you use that daily, you will absolutely prevent, through suggestion or contact in the feeling world, any condition beginning to act in your world in the future, which could cause disturbance.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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