understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of the Mighty Saint Germain’s Family, I trust I may bring to you tonight an understanding of some of the Activities that the Ascended Host are constantly pouring forth to enable that which is constructive, to be protected and continue its blessing to mankind.

Whenever a work of any kind is to be accomplished and something constructive drawn forth into outer manifestation, before that can be done, there must always be one or more of the Angelic Host who provide a Focus of the Violet Consuming Flame and the Sacred Fire’s Love into the physical octave to be the Guard of the locality, and Guard of the atmosphere in which the manifestation is to be drawn.

Now just as you have insulation on the wires of your electrical apparatus, and that confines, so to speak, or separates the electricity within the wire from the static electricity in the atmosphere so you can use it in concentrated action; just so do We, from the Inner standpoint, draw forth certain Activities of the Sacred Fire into the outer physical conditions that surround mankind.

And then after that Focus of the Sacred Fire is concentrated and held protected for a certain length of time – held sustained – then into that does there descend the direction and the form, the concentration of the energy, the substance, the consciousness, and the design of what is to be brought into manifestation in the physical world.

Now this has gone on through the ages, and everything that you have of modern civilization that is a convenience for you today, that you use just so naturally, has had to have the Protection of the Angelic Host before it could be brought into manifestation.

If you could have seen at the Inner level what had to take place before the railroads were brought forth, before the steamboats were constructed and drawn forth over the last century or two, if you could have seen at the Inner level what has to be done in preparation for some marvelous constructive blessing to be brought into the physical world for mankind to use, you would be utterly amazed. But nevertheless, the Cosmic Law is not only wise, It is always constructive; and It is always a Blessing to Life, and It is always the release of Greater Happiness.

So, when you want to be happy, when you’re thinking of your own happiness or that of others, try to realize, when you want to do something constructive, that if you will remember what the Great Divine Plan is for the manifestation of something constructive, you can set into action these various Activities of the Sacred Fire, to be the Guard of that which you wish to produce to bless someone else, or to give its blessing to the world.”

Beloved Angel Deva of the Jade Temple

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