isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter ii (sorcery)

“It would profit little were we to dwell much upon subjects which have been disposed of in such a masterly way by an anonymous author, whose work electrified England and Germany last year; while as regards the particular topic under notice, we cannot do better than recommend the scholarly writings of Dr. Inman. Albeit one-sided, and in many instances unjust to the ancient heathen, Pagan, and Jewish religions, the facts treated in the Ancient and Pagan Christian Symbolism are unimpeachable. Neither can we agree with some English critics who charge him with an intent to destroy Christianity.

If by Christianity is meant the external religious forms of worship, then he certainly seeks to destroy it, for in his eyes, as well as in those of every truly religious man who has studied ancient exoteric faiths and their symbology, Christianity is pure heathenism and Catholicism with its fetish-worshipping, is far worse and more pernicious than Hinduism in its most idolatrous aspect. But while denouncing the exoteric forms and unmasking the symbols, it is not the religion of Christ that the author attacks, but the artificial system of theology. We will allow him to illustrate the position in his own language and quote from his preface:

“When vampires were discovered by the acumen of any observer”, he says, “they were, we are told, ignominiously killed by a stake being driven through body; but experience showed them to have such tenacity of life that they rose, again and again, notwithstanding renewed impalement, and were not ultimately laid to rest till wholly burned. In like manner, the regenerated heathendom which dominates over the followers of Jesus of Nazareth, has risen again and again, after being transfixed. Still cherished by the many, it is denounced by the few.

Amongst other accusers, I raise my voice against the Paganism which exists so extensively in ecclesiastical Christianity and will do my utmost to expose the imposture. In a vampire story told in Thalaba, by Southey, the resuscitated being takes the form of a dearly beloved maiden, and the hero is obliged to kill her with his own hand. He does so; but, whilst he strikes the form of the loved one, he feels sure that he slays only a demon.

In like manner, when I endeavor to destroy the current heathenism which has assumed the garb of Christianity, I do not attack real religion. Few would accuse a workman of malignancy who cleanses from filth the surface of a noble statue. There may be some who are too nice to touch a nasty subject, yet even they will rejoice when someone else removes the dirt. such a scavenger is wanted.”

But is it merely Pagans and heathen that the Catholics persecute, and about whom, like Augustine, they cry to the Deity, “Oh, my God! So do I wish Thy enemies to be slain?” Oh no! Their aspirations are more Mosaic and Cain-like than that. It is against their next of kin in faith, against their schismatic brothers that they are now intriguing within the walls which sheltered the murderous Borgias. The larvae of the infanticidal, parricidal, and fratricidal Popes have proved themselves fit counselors for the Cains of Castelfidardo and Mentana. It is now the turn of the Slavonian Christians, the Oriental Schismatics – the Philistines of the Greek Church!”

H. P. Blavatsky

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