isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter ii (sorcery)

“Following is the colloquy between the “blessed exorcist” and the demons:

Question – How did you take possession of this man, and how many are you?

Answer of the Devils – We came into him for having spoken disrespectfully of the rosary. We are 15,000.

Question – Why did so many as 15,000 enter him?

Answer – Because there are fifteen decades in the rosary which he derided, etc.

Dominick – Is not all true I have said of the virtues of the rosary?

Devils – Yes! Yes! (They emit flames through the nostrils of the demoniac). Know all ye Christians that Dominick never said one word concerning the rosary that is not most true; and know ye further, that if you do not believe him, great calamities will befall you.

Dominick – Who is the man in the world the Devil hates the most?

Devils – (In chorus). Thou art the very man. (Here follow verbose compliments).

Dominick – Of which state of Christians are there the most damned?

Devils – In hell we have merchants, pawnbrokers, fraudulent bankers, grocers, Jews, apothecaries, etc., etc.

Dominick – Are there any priests or monks in hell?

Devils – There are a great number of priests, but no monks, with the exception of such as have transgressed the rule of their order.

Dominick – Have you any Dominicans?

Devils – Alas! alas! We have not one yet, but we expect a great number of them after their devotion is a little cooled.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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