understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Individuals’ own Life Streams are not their life unless they serve the constructive way of life! They better get this tonight! Because individuals are bound in the selfishness and darkness of their own discord doesn’t mean that the Great Cosmic Beings that rule the system of worlds – the Great Cosmic Legions of the Angels of the Sacred Love of the Sacred Fire, or the Great Cosmic Beings who have drawn the Electronic Force that makes the Physical Sun, have drawn that into existence, sustained It and let Its Life flow forth to the system; poor, benighted mankind is in darkness indeed, when individuals think they can interfere with that Great Presence of Life’s Perfection!

I want you to feel encouraged tonight because since I am one of the Guardians of this Nation and you are atoms in the body of this Nation, I am one of those who is a Guardian of each of you. You didn’t know you had individual Guardians, but it’s true! Otherwise, your life might not receive all the Assistance that you need at this particular time to let the Light be the Strength in the American people to throw off what seeks to desecrate and destroy them.

When you wish Protection for the Nation, called the Sacred Fire of My Life into the physical octave and the physical conditions of this Nation with the Cosmic Fiat for the Great Central Sun’s Eternal Purity to blaze the Flame that possesses and rules all, and manifests the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan wherever you call It into action. I can wield Unlimited Power! I can give you everything that is constructive! I am thoroughly aware of all that is within the Nation, and also, I know what’s in the intent of the sinister force and the unfortunate individuals who are pawns of its destruction.

When individuals think they’re going to wreck this Nation, they do not understand what is Greater than themselves. Of course, that’s not to be wondered at; but nevertheless, those who have sworn to destroy you shall have their destruction bound back into them, and their own evil will destroy itself! (applause). Thank you so much.”

The Great Cosmic Angel

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