understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now just one more thing. Do you know, under the Action of the Cosmic Law, that when an unascended being calls to an Angel of the Violet Consuming Flame to purify a condition or control it so destructive forces cannot act, do you know, the Cosmic Law is such that They have to fulfill your Call? They cannot refuse. Therefore, you have an absolute certainty of Their Assistance to you, and one day you can have the joyous experience of seeing Them stand beside you and control manifestations that otherwise might destroy you.

So Beloved Ones, I want you to become acquainted with the Cosmic Violet Flame Angels; Master Power of the Love that rules, molds, sustains, and eternally controls the manifested Universe. These are a Mighty Powerhouse for the Violet Consuming Flame’s Limitless Gifts and Love to Life – and Limitless Power of Victory. You can’t possibly fail if you become aware of Their Presence!

And just for your own satisfaction, if you will take something that you use every day and ask your “Beloved I AM Presence” and the Mighty Saint Germain, or even Myself, to charge that with the Eternal Memory to call the Violet Flame Angels’ Love and the Power, the Master Power of the Violet Consuming Flame, in and around you sometime each day; if you care to take something and use it as a reminder to give this Acknowledgment – something that you have to use every day – then you get so that when you see that you will remember to give Acknowledgment to that Flame, until it comes to the time when you can see It around yourselves.

This is just a thought to help you remember, because the outer world’s constant pull upon you continually makes you forget. And if you do happen to have a habit of forgetting – laughter – let Us do this – Charge your feeling and your mind, the brain structure, with the Master Power of the Sacred Fire’s Immortal Purity that always lets your Higher Mental Body make you remember that which will help you and bless you.

You know, it’s just as important to charge yourselves with the Ascended Masters’ Consciousness of Eternal Divine Memory, and the Consciousness that makes you forget what you should forget – and remember what you should remember!”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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