isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter ii (sorcery)

“The occult knowledge gleaned by the Roman Church from the once fat fields of theurgy, she sedulously guarded for her own use, and sent to the stake only those practitioners who “poached’ on her lands of the Scientia Scientiarum, and those whose sins could not be concealed by the friar’s frock. The proof of it lies in the records of history. 

“In the course only of fifteen years, between 1580 to 1595, and only in the single province of Lorraine, the President Remigius burned 900 witches”, says Thomas Wright, in his Sorcery and Magic. It was during these days, prolific in ecclesiastical murder and unrivaled for cruelty and ferocity, that Jean Bodin wrote. While the orthodox clergy called forth whole legions of “demons” through magical incantations, unmolested by the authorities, provided they held fast to the established dogmas and taught no heresy, on the other hand, acts of unparalleled atrocity were perpetrated on poor, unfortunate fools.

Gabriel Malagrida, an old man of eighty, was burnt by these evangelical Jack Ketches in 1761. In the Amsterdam library there is a copy of the report of his famous trial, translated from the Lisbon edition. He was accused of sorcery and illicit intercourse with the Devil, who had “disclosed to him futurity”. (?) The prophesy imparted by the Arch-Enemy to the poor visionary Jesuit is reported in the following in the following terms: “The culprit hath confessed that the demon, under the form of the blessed Virgin, having commanded him to write the life of Antichrist (?), told him that he, Malagrida, was a second John, but more clear than John the Evangelist; that there were to be three Antichrists, and that the last should be born at Milan, of a monk and a nun, in the year 1920; that he would marry Proserpine, one of the infernal furies”, etc.

The prophecy is to be verified forty-three years hence. Even were all the children born of monks and nuns really to become antichrists if allowed to grow up to maturity, the fact would seem far less deplorable than the discoveries made in so many convents, when the foundations have been removed for some reason.

If the assertion of Luther is to be disbelieved on account of his hatred for popery, then we may name discoveries of the same character made quite recently in Austrian and Russian Poland. Luther speaks of a fish-pond at Rome, situated near a convent of nuns, having been cleared out by order of Pope Gregory, disclosed, at the bottom, over six thousand infants skulls; and of a nunnery at Neinburg, in Austria, whose foundations, when searched, disclosed the same relics of celibacy and chastity!”

H. P. Blavatsky

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