isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter ii (sorcery)

“”They undertake by scales of miles to tell the bounds, dimensions, and extent of hell; where bloated souls in smoky durance hung like a Westphalia gammon or neat’s tongue, to be redeemed with masses and a song.” – OLDHAM, Satires upon the Jesuits.

“York – But you are more inhuman, more inexorable – O, ten times more – than tigers of Hyrcania.” – King Henry VI, Part Third, Act i., Scene iv.

“War – And hark ye, Sirs; because she is a maid spare for no faggots, let there be enough; place barrels of pitch upon the fatal stake.” – King Henry VI, Part First, Act v., Scene iv.

In that famous work of Bodin, on sorcery, a frightful story is told about Catherine of Medicis. The author was a learned publicist, who during twenty years of his life, collected authentic documents from the archives of nearly every important city of France, to make up a complete work on sorcery, magic, and the power of various “demons”. To use an expression of Eliphas Levi, his book offers a most remarkable collection of “bloody and hideous facts; acts of revolting superstition, arrests, and executions of stupid ferocity.”

“Burn everybody!”, the inquisition seemed to say – God will easily sort out His own! Poor fools, hysterical women, and idiots were roasted alive, without mercy, for the crime of “magic”. But “at the same time, how many great culprits escaped this unjust and sanguinary of justice! This is what Bodin makes us fully appreciate.””

H. P. Blavatsky

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