understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So now I have your welfare at Heart! I want you to be Our Family of Happiness, and I want to show you the Miracles from Venus that must be built into this world. And that’s why I’m here drawing you on by giving you a little insight into that which We want to bring into this physical world permanently. The Angels of Victory from Venus are the Bearers of that Perfection. They are My Family that will bring you My Way of Life. They are My Family of Love Supreme, and They are so willing to associate with you. Isn’t that wonderful? (applause). Thank you so much.

They are so willing to give you what They have! This world needs It so much, but it must be purified and cleansed first, and the way provided for these Blessings to come and be built into this world as an eternal part of Life’s Great Love and Perfection to all who pass this way – and that shall ever illumine everything that comes into physical embodiment.

So Blessed Ones, when you begin to demand the Cosmic Illumination of the Angels of Victory from Venus, you shall have Illumination! The World shall have Illumination! And I assure you, in that Illumination will be very great Joy, because into It, the shadows of human creation can never approach. So We offer you Our World of Security, Our Realm of Freedom, Our Miracles and Victory of the Love that has so long maintained Perfection on Venus. And now It must come into this world and make this world, too, a Sun of the Love of the Sacred Fire and Its Almighty Blessing to Life; so Life that comes here knows no distress, but moves forward into the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan of the Ascension.

I shall await with very Great Joy your Call for this to come into the physical octave where you abide, and then We can expand that to help the rest of mankind awaken as soon as possible; for all must awaken to the Love from Venus that wants to bring here the Divine Plan’s Fulfillment – Our Realm of Life, Our Invincible Heaven on Earth – and close the door of memory, of feeling, of experience to all that is not the Love and the Victory of Our Perfection in the future.

So Blessed Ones, you have a marvelous vista ahead of you of all the Perfection Life has planned for you here; and if you care to call this into outer action, you will give Us the opportunity to bring at least in and around you as quickly as possible, those blessings that are to become Eternal to this Earth.

I commend you to the Love in the Hearts of the Angels of Victory from Venus! And may your association with Them ever bring you the Mightiest Joy of all Eternity. Thank you with all My Heart.”

Beloved Mighty Victory

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