understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now you can render this service not only to unascended beings, but to those who are resting between embodiments. If they are your loved ones and have not had this knowledge of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, by this your service to Life Streams in this world that are caught in the shadows, and by your Demand for the annihilation of whatever human creation enslaves them, you can say to your “Beloved I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host and the Great Cosmic Law of the Violet Consuming Flame:

“In Thy Great Love, Mercy, and Forgiveness to Life, I ask for whatever Dispensation and Release of the Violet Consuming Flame is necessary to annihilate that human creation which enslaves that Life stream” – or many of them if you’re working with groups. “I ask this Mercy to Life, and I ask at the same time the Great Cosmic Law of the Violet Consuming Flame’s Love, Mercy, and Forgiveness to Life to my loved ones, who as yet seem not to be serving the Light.”

Let this go forth to the loved ones embodied. Let It go forth to the loved ones who are out of physical embodiment at this time. This renders tremendous service, Beloved Ones! It consumes a great deal of the hardness in people’s feeling which makes them do wrong. I bring It to your attention tonight because It’s very much required, very much needed in the physical world. It was this Great Love, Mercy, and Forgiveness to Life which the Blessed Quan Yin had become to the world down through the centuries. And that is why She said, “”I will not enter heaven until there are no more in the distress of the physical world.” This is a tremendous Service to Life.

There are certain Groups of the Ascended Host who concentrate on this. The Angelic Host particularly have a Group of those whose Concentrated Action is the Sacred Fire’s Purity in Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy, to set Life free from enough human creation, to let the individual awaken – and the Higher Mental Body of that Life Stream strengthen the light in the outer self, to make the outer intellectual consciousness, and the emotional body, let the desire from the Heart Flame of the individual have Its Dominion, and turn the outer self to the Light with the desire to give obedience, and fulfill the Requirements of the Cosmic Law, to the Freedom of the Ascension.

So, it is a mighty service to Life, Beloved Ones, to release individuals from the hardness of human feelings, which but enslave them to greater and greater destruction.”

Beloved Lady Master Nada

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