Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 271

“Allow Me to remind you, that you are dealing with Friends with whom the people of Earth have rarely been privileged to associate. Had it not been for your Beloved Saint Germain, where do you think you in America would be today? Are you aware, Beloved People, that your city, magnificent in its splendor, would have been in ruins today? That is the position you in human form do not comprehend. Such is the Assistance which We are giving the people of Earth; and if you do not believe that, let Us withdraw for three months, and then tell Me if We did not give you the Protection!

Mankind have been quite inclined to challenge the Messengers and to challenge Us. Very well, if you wish to challenge Us, then We will withdraw and let you see, Friends of America and fellow Students, whether We have protected you or not. It is unwise, even though you do not understand, to deny the Protection which is given by the Powers of Light which you might not yet understand! At least be kind enough to Life to say, “Very well”, and if you don’t know, say, “I don’t know”; but never deny a Power of the Light – for one day, Life will call upon you to answer for it.

That is why today you Beloved Ones who are here cannot even imagine the persistency, the power of determination with which these two humble Messengers have pounded away all walls of human doubts and fears! You have no idea. They have beat down those walls for four years, and I say to you, they shall never beat down another wall!

Again, I say to you, Beloved People of the entire Americas, where the people in America don’t wish the Messengers, they shall not go. People now must choose. The Messengers out of love and kindness have gone forth rendering this Almighty Service to mankind; now let the people awaken and invite them to come. The Messengers, Beloved Ones, do not need mankind; but mankind need them more than you will ever know, until your Ascension! I assure you, Beloved Friends, that I shall take a hand in that condition, and it shall be silenced forever!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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