understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The outer intellect of mankind has been reminded repeatedly to call to the Great “God Presence” of Life, for the help required to overcome the viciousness generated by mankind. So, from tonight, We are very definitely concentrating certain Activities of the Sacred Fire within every large city in this nation.

Now let Us prepare ahead of time and gather the momentum of Sacred Fire needed to prevent the slaughter intended. We can prevent that by your Call for Our Legions of the Angels of the Flaming Sword, to move into every big city within this Nation and establish for all Eternity, every Activity of the Sacred Fire that will forever prevent the hordes of evil and desecration from getting started to produce the destruction they intend.

And that’s why I am here tonight! Those who minister with Me are already at work, or already in action, drawing in and around all conditions that are constructive, these Activities of the Sacred Fire, and We will fan that, so to speak, until It spreads and expands and throws over destructive conditions intended, the Power that shuts off their action until they are dissolved and consumed.

Please do not let the day go by that you don’t demand the Great Central Sun’s Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning Annihilation of all hate in all Life everywhere, forever in this world! Your fierce demand for the Cosmic Law’s annihilation of that hate can come forth into this physical world and act in many channels with which you’re not in touch, but which are generating hate that will unite the destructive conditions over the Nation that can produce disaster.

If you call these forth also to annihilate everything that the atomic bombs have produced in the atmosphere of Earth, and all other destructive forces, those who govern the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements, can set into action this Consuming Power, and prevent that which otherwise will take place. You can’t fool with the energy of life! Nobody can without penalty!”

Beloved Mighty Astrea

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