Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 260

“Let Me say to you, Beloved Ones, mankind is awakening with Tremendous Power and Speed. I thank all, and the blessed one who is in the audience who has been instrumental in so much of the broadcasting going forth! I thank her with all My Heart, for I tell you, Beloved Ones, you have no idea how far-reaching that is! We have been watching and making a Record of the effects of the Transcriptions and the Broadcasts, aside from the other part of this Activity.

Because We are practical, we want to see how much is accomplished by that effort, for the response has been so tremendous. We have not even told the Messengers how great it has been, but ere long I expect We shall. I tell you, Dear Ones, it does reach mankind! I want you to understand this, because of the Magnificent Activity which it is. You find mankind in quiet attitude of listening to a Broadcast through the radio in perfect stillness and quiet. There is not a thing to distract the attention.

This Mighty Current which is pouring forth and the release of Light through your Calls, your Mighty “I AM” Decrees, has prepared the way. Now notice, this Outpouring has gone forth into the mental and feeling world of mankind. There being the mass feeling world, the mass mental world, then each Outpouring goes forth in Its own Activity, spreading like a Light in the darkness, into the mental and feeling world of all mankind!

Then, when they are quietly listening to a Transcription or Broadcast, they are in a position for the release of that which has gone forth to enter into action in their feeling world; and when they hear these Words, the Light takes Full Action within them.

We have observed and have the records of those who have come in through the Broadcasts, and We find they come in with marvelous preparation in their feeling worlds, for the comprehension and understanding of this “I AM” Activity! Therefore, I say to you, oh how great is the Blessing of that effort made, Beloved Ones!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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