understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When you awaken in the morning, if you will make your Call to your “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence” first, and to Me, for a Group of Violet Flame Angels to keep the Sacred Fire of Their Love in and around you for the entire day, let us experiment and see what you can have in a short time. And I hope you’ll keep track of these – I mean, keep a record, at least mentally – of the days that you keep most consciously aware of the Angelic Host.

I assure you, ” I AM” Angel Bells, was not written by accident. It is an Adoration and a Call to the Angelic Host for Their Presence with you, and if you will notice the lyrics, you are asked to join Their Legions! So, if you make your Calls, Their Legions will join you, and we shall go forth together and do that which needs to be done. In the doing, there will be only happiness, and your Mastery will be attained very much more comfortably and very much more quickly.

So, I commend you to the Victory of the Angelic Host! May the Angels of the Violet Flame attend you tonight as you come to Me in the Violet Flame Temple. I hope you will remember the Music and the Love that will greet you there, and which you will absorb and bring back in the morning to bless you and all you contact. And so I trust that your greater Freedom will be very tangible in this cooperation which We wish to offer, which I know will bless you, and which will carry you forward with greater strength, and give you greater Power of Victorious Accomplishment.

Thank you with all My Heart’s Love! I call the Legions of the Angels of the Violet Consuming Flame to pour the Love of Their Sacred Fire ever about you until Its Freedom is a Sun Presence about you forever, and wherever you abide, you give It to others, as the Angels of the Violet Consuming Flame are ready and willing to give It to you. Thank you with all My Heart.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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